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ace-and-pan-dont-give-a-shit asked: What kind of bra would you recommend for someone with a smaller bust and rib cage? I usually wear a 32-B but I can't find anything that actually fits well and doesn't end up halfway up my boob when I stretch (sorry for crude language >.< )

There’s not a really specific bra, as such, to recommend. Finding bras that work for your body specifically requires trial and error by your body specifically. If the brands you’ve experimented with aren’t working, try a new brand. If none of them are working, try a new size. If you’ve only tried one style, try another. Make sure your band and straps are adjusted and that you’re ‘swooping and scooping’ your breast tissue. And remember that bras are never going to have as much range of motion as your body; so if you’re stretching or being physically active in a regular bra, it’s going to shift around. But, other than that, without knowing what exactly doesn’t fit well, I can’t give you an exact feedback. It takes time to find a bra that works.

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natterz asked: Hi Cora! Do you know where a girl can find herself a lacy or strappy bralette for a full C/D cup? Most of the bralettes I've seen in bigger sizes are more about comfort than style. Thanks for your help!

Have you tried a site like ASOS? I’m forever seeing aesthetically-oriented bralettes there.