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living-comatose asked: For flipsidedaisy I went all the way back to December (not knowing how long ago the question was asked) and the only thing I could find that fit your description was this, /post/76661110529/tessmunster-eat-your-heart-out-model-tess which also does not have any details for the lingerie in it so it's a long shot but I tried?? Sorry :C

Thanks for trying. :-)

If it’s that one (link here), I’m not sure of the lingerie, but I have seen similar styles on sites like Yandy. It reminds me of something from Leg Avenue’s plus size range, though I’m not confident that’s what it is.

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[New Post!] Perfect for Summer Layering: Crop Tops and Bralettes by Elma

I like these bras because I think they make awesome summer layering pieces. Though it’s not my personal style, you could throw the opaque bralettes on with a high-waist maxi skirt or pair of overalls and be done for the day. Even the sheer, lacey bralettes would look beautiful under a light or semi-sheer tank.

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Images belong to Elma Lingerie.

1. Odile Lace and Mesh Longline Bra

2. Kitri Lace Crop Top

3. Corsaire Longline Bra

4. Odette Jersey Crop Bra Top

5. Aurora Stretch Lace Cami

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nude-and-interrupted asked: Do you know any good brands for a 36DD?

Tons. Curvy Kate, Wacoal, Felina, Parfait by Affinitas, Elomi, Panache, Natori, Freya, and Fantasie to name a few.

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reverieofromance asked: 32dd. I haven't managed to find that size anywhere that's not Victoria's Secret and I just want to expand my options and maybe not spend so much. Do you know any places I could start looking?

HerRoom, Figleaves, Bare Necessities, ASOS.

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capillaries asked: Hi, I have a question about sizing tights. When you're trying to get the best fit, should you opt for where you fall in the height or weight categories? My weight is in the smaller sizes of tights, but my height is usually in the larger one. Should I buy according to my height or my weight?

I usually opt for the larger size. My weight tends to bump me up into the next size range regardless of height and since I like working with more material (as opposed to less), I just default to the higher size. However, as with most things lingerie-related, it depends on the brand. It’s impossible for me to give you an ironclad rule since hosiery sizing and stretch can vary so much. When in doubt though, I recommend sizing up.

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therealmccoy asked: Where would be the best place to find bralettes size 34D for under 40 dollars?

When it comes to general lingerie searches, my recommendations are always HerRoom, Figleaves, and Bare Necessities. ASOS also carries some very nice bralette styles. You may be able to find a bralette fitting your specifications on Etsy as well. Lots of indie lingerie designers make bralettes.

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ellebell1313 asked: What size do you think would fit better or are there any brands that go by band and bus other than shirt size?

Hmmmm…there’s a couple of blouse/white shirt companies that size by bra size now, but not many for ‘regular’ shirts. I’d try a full bust blog for some answers as outerwear is a bit outside the scope of TLA.

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darth-thalon-and-co asked: Hello! I've been looking for an affordable ($150 or less) vest-style underbust corset, and was wondering if you could recommend any brands or websites where I might find one? Thanks!

Hmmm…I’ve seen vest style overbust corsets, but not really vest style underbusts. Regardless, I’d take a look at the TLA FAQ as we’ve written a few articles about corset options at a range of price points there.

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drastic-fantastic asked: Hey Cora, hope you're having an amazing Tuesday - just wondering if you happen to know who the model is in the beautiful Harlow and Fox photos you reblogged? I have never seen a model who has my look before! Thanks in advance, and no big deal if you're not sure.

I don’t! I’d contact Harlow & Fox directly though to see if they might have the answer. :-)

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flipsidedaisy asked: Do you know where to purchase the lavender lingerie the beautiful plus size woman with red hair is wearing a little ways down on your blog?

Unfortunately, I don’t know which photo this is referring to. Sorry!