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nissapreternatural asked: As much as I love your blog and that bigger girls can find cute stuff in their size, I'm that odd duck that is a large band and a small cup (42B to be precise). It's really sad there are all these great new places to find things and I can't find a thing because for most lingerie sites plus size is C cup and bigger. It's quite disheartening.

You have a right to feel disheartened (and you’re not an odd duck). People who wear large band/small cup bras are incredibly underserved by the lingerie industry right now, and they’re not getting nearly as much press and attention as other sizing configurations (notably small band/large cup and small band/small cup). You’re also right that even among brands that make large band/small cup bras, A and B cups are frequently left out. It’s a crap situation, and I’m genuinely sorry.

That said, I know Va Bien, Contourelle, Prima Donna, Goddess, Elila and Chantelle make bras in your size. And of the brands working in this range, I think those six make the prettiest (I especially like Elila’s lace bustier). There’s also custom sizing as an option, particularly from a place like Etsy. I hope this helps.

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greengarter asked: First, I love your blog! Second, I've been going on a spree of joining lingerie sites and window shopping like crazy! I've gotten the lingerie bug! You're so inspiring! I've been looking around a lot at lingerie, but I wanted to know what some of your favorite lounge wear was.

Hey! :-)

For loungewear, I adore Between the Sheets, Eberjey, and Sandmaiden. I also like lounging in vintage slips, which are super cheap on sites like eBay and Etsy.