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saltcircles asked: I'm a 32B! Their current stock doesn't go quite small enough for me. Thanks for any recommendations you might have and your time!

Hmmmm…Kensie does some floral prints in 32B. Maybe Betsey Johnson or Affinitas too. I haven’t seen anything terribly like this bra (in terms of print) in that size range though.

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mrbelpitsleg asked: I was wondering if you have any favourite lingerie shops on Etsy that you can recommend, ie sellers you've bought from and know they're good quality/fit. Thanks for keeping an excellent blog!

In terms of Etsy sellers I’ve personally bought from, I like Hopeless, ClareBare, KissMeQuick, On The Inside, and Sandmaiden.

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saltcircles asked: Hey there! I'm kind of in love with the Florist's Touch bra and panty set from Modcloth, but they unfortunately don't have my size. Have you seen anything similar to it around? Love your blog!

Hey! If they aren’t your size, it would be helpful to know what size you are before making a recommendation. I don’t know if you’re wanting smaller in the cup, smaller in the band, larger in the cup, or larger in the band.

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julisuitner asked: Hi, I love that AP 1/4 cup bra you got on sale. I noticed it's still available but in sizing 2-5. I am usually a 36 b/c. Do you think a 4 would be right? love your taste in lingerie. Thanks!

Hello! I’d check AP’s sizing chart or shoot a quick email to their customer service to confirm your size. I haven’t tried this bra before, so I can’t offer any personal guidance re: the sizing.