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eisenbergandelephants asked: hi there! i bought my first slip today - a sort of inexpensive 'long camisole' i suppose - but the entire time i was there, i was thinking of your recent posts on robes, especially silk ones. just thought i'd shoot you a message saying your blog is, as usual, in my thoughts <3

Thank you! :-D

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Lingerie for Cosplay: What to Wear to Comic-Con | The Lingerie Addict


It’s amazing when the two sides of my tumblring coincide (lingerie blogs and cosplay blogs — I have eclectic tastes), so it was really exciting to see this post about lingerie in cosplay.

I’m of the belief that the right undergarments can make a cosplay look and fit 100% better, and can make a costume way more comfortable. I’m a huge advocate of having the right undies for a cosplay, and this article covers all of the main basics, as well as a few things that I wouldn’t have thought of (like purchased catsuits — I make my own, but I realize that isn’t everyone’s preference).

I do have a few things to add to this list, though:

1. Gender presentation-specific underwear. This would include binders, padded panties, breastforms, etc. I’m certainly no expert on finding or recommending brands of these, and there is plenty of information out there (I can dig up a few links if anyone is interested), but these items can be very useful when wearing a cosplay outside of one’s usual gender presentation. (I hate the term “crossplay,” but that’s what I’m talking about here, in case it wasn’t clear enough.)

2. Shorts. Typically short spandex shorts, but can also be decorative or more substantial than spandex. Obviously, not something that should be worn under every type of cosplay, but can come very much in handy when wearing a skirt. Especially a short skirt. Even forgetting about creeps who might try to sneak upskirt photos, this can add an extra layer of protection or comfort when walking around in a tiny miniskirt all day (especially if that skirt has a lot of flare to it or is particularly flowy/prone to accidental panty flashes, like a pleated Japanese schoolgirl uniform skirt would be), especially when climbing stairs (which can be an issue, depending on the convention’s location). These can also be made of a thermal material to add a bit of warmth to less-than-covering cosplays in the winter months.

3. Dance belts. These are important for any cosplayer with a penis who is planning on wearing a skintight costume. It is an underwear garment that basically smooths out any “bulge” into just a lump, rather than showing off every detail of the wearer’s genitalia. It won’t get rid of the bulge altogether, but instead create an effect like a Ken doll or a mannequin, where there is just a smooth lump between the legs. Not only is it courteous to wear (and can save later embarrassment), but depending on the convention’s rules, you may be asked to change if too much genital detail is visible, even through opaque, form-fitting clothing.

4. Dance tights. Colored and novelty hosiery was covered fairly extensively, but I didn’t see a mention of dance tights. These are thick, opaque tights that come in a variety of flesh tones (though, sadly, often not a terribly large range of tones) that provide support and compression without losing their shape. These should be worn under certain costumes that have brief-cut bottoms, such as bunnysuits. These aren’t 100% necessary (well, they are pretty close to necessary under a bunnysuit), but can provide some extra leg coverage if it is needed, and should be the go-to flesh-tone tights of cosplayers who want a skin-like appearance on their legs without actually showing skin. They are sold in various sizes (Danskin makes them in up to 4X), and come in men’s and women’s styles (the difference is that the men’s style has a different crotch fit and is usually slightly larger than the women’s style). Sheer pantyhose isn’t going to do much under most cosplays that would need flesh-tone tights, and unless you can find a truly sheer-to-waist style, there would be seams and variances of material (for control tops and such) that would be visible if the hose is to be worn with brief-cut bottoms. Dance tights are meant to be worn with leotards and high-cut leglines, so they are typically seamless all the way down the leg. The microfiber tights from We Love Colors can be a good substitute for dance tights if an unusual color (outside of the range of medium and somewhat dark beiges + black + light pink + white that dance tights typically come in).

Thank you your feedback! I don’t know enough about items like binders or dance belts to really give a recommendation on the site (I hope someone else who is more familiar with these items stops by, though!). However, I did some make some edits to the section on knickers and hosiery based on your remarks. The dance tight options from Danskin and padded panty options from Rago (two brands that were already included in the post, thought not as extensively) have been updated. And of course, more suggestions in the comments here or there are welcome!

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