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bloggingenthusiast asked: Just wondering - are stockings acceptable for wear in the summer? How is one supposed to wear the lovely suspender belts that are part of lingerie sets in the summer?

Stockings are acceptable to wear all year round. Any kind of lingerie is acceptable to wear all year round if you feel like wearing it.

I don’t wear suspender belts that come as part of lingerie sets because they’re usually very flimsy. If you’re interested in how to wear/buy a garter belt, I’d check the archives of my main blog. We’ve got quite a few blog posts on that topic in the FAQ:

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feeburrks asked: I'm looking for any sites that sell long line bras/sets for less than $100... I've been looking but cannot find! Are there any retailers you know of?

HerRoom, Figleaves, Bare Necessities, Frederick’s of Hollywood, ASOS, Nordstrom. Longline bra sets for less than $100 (if that’s the only criteria) are very easy to find if you’re searching the larger online lingerie retailers.

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studsandmuffins asked: What would be the best place to look for a bra size 28FF or 30F in the uk? Love your blog btw :) xx

BraStop & Bravissimo both carry those sizes, and they’re very popular with people in your size range. If you’re looking for something more specific, I can’t help you.

Also, and I don’t mean this sarcastically at all, you can find the answer to questions like this with a simple Google search. “Who carries bras in 28FF?” will give you results. And they will be far more location specific than what I can give you from here.