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onceuponanightmarexo asked: I'm not sure if this is a redo of any previous questions, but I was curious if Dita's lingerie collection is available for plus size females?


Yes, she made sure of it. She does have trouble finding people willing to sell the larger sizes though. You can find some of the plus sizes on ASOS and Myer.

Just wanted to reblog this.

Sometimes, when you can’t find your size in stores, it’s not because the brand hates you. It may be because they made your size, but stores refuse to stock it. This actually happens more than people suspect (at least in intimates). *Making* more sizes is only part of the solution.

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It’s Sunday, and I have a bit of downtime. If you like, let’s have an official unofficial Q & A session.

Do you have any suggestions of people/resources who could help me a find a corsetier who is experienced and skilled in making 40”+ waist corsets?

Lucy’s Corsetry forever and ever, amen.

She is the best, and I’m confident she has at least one video and blog post addressing this question. :-)

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blushysqueegles asked: My weight fluctuates a lot, so naturally so does my breast size. Any recommendations for what to do about a bra?

Hey! How much is your bra size fluctuating and what’s the size range of the fluctuation? I’d make a different set of recommendations for one range (like an A-C fluctuation) than another (like a DD-G), but based on the information you’ve provided here, I’d look at a lot of stretch lace or maybe even a maternity bra, particularly since the latter are made to accommodate size changes. Hope this helps to point you in the right direction!