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nissapreternatural asked: As much as I love your blog and that bigger girls can find cute stuff in their size, I'm that odd duck that is a large band and a small cup (42B to be precise). It's really sad there are all these great new places to find things and I can't find a thing because for most lingerie sites plus size is C cup and bigger. It's quite disheartening.

You have a right to feel disheartened (and you’re not an odd duck). People who wear large band/small cup bras are incredibly underserved by the lingerie industry right now, and they’re not getting nearly as much press and attention as other sizing configurations (notably small band/large cup and small band/small cup). You’re also right that even among brands that make large band/small cup bras, A and B cups are frequently left out. It’s a crap situation, and I’m genuinely sorry.

That said, I know Va Bien, Contourelle, Prima Donna, Goddess, Elila and Chantelle make bras in your size. And of the brands working in this range, I think those six make the prettiest (I especially like Elila’s lace bustier). There’s also custom sizing as an option, particularly from a place like Etsy. I hope this helps.

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greengarter asked: First, I love your blog! Second, I've been going on a spree of joining lingerie sites and window shopping like crazy! I've gotten the lingerie bug! You're so inspiring! I've been looking around a lot at lingerie, but I wanted to know what some of your favorite lounge wear was.

Hey! :-)

For loungewear, I adore Between the Sheets, Eberjey, and Sandmaiden. I also like lounging in vintage slips, which are super cheap on sites like eBay and Etsy.

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innapropri8 asked: Hi! I was just wondering if you could recommend me some cheap, pretty sets of bras and knickers (not thongs, either hipsters or boyshorts preferably!) I am a uk 34/36 dd/e (it varies) :) thank you so much! Btw love your blog!!

Hello! I don’t know what you mean by “cheap.” It also helps to know some aspects of what counts as “pretty” to you (what I find gorgeous, you may find hideous).

As always, the more information you can give me (because you definitely have some ideas in mind that the words “cheap” and “pretty” represent), the more I can help you.