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goodheavensgwendolen asked: I'm a 32J and I'm looking for a vintage-style, pointy cup bra (like the Triumph Doreen, though that unfortunately starts at a 34 band). I wouldn't like to spend more than $60. Do you know of anything?

Not in a 32J, no. Elila makes a pointy cupped jacquard bra which I think is pretty, but no 32 bands. This might be a case where it’s worth sister sizing up if there’s a specific silhouette you’re looking for, particularly if custom isn’t an option. Maybe someone else on the TLA Tumblr has a recommendation, though?

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lnw80050 asked: Cora, I'm in the market for some really nice shapewear. I usually go for Spanx brand but have become very frustrated with the plain-ness of it, although functionally it does a great job. Is there a brand that has beauty and function? For me price isn't a huge issue, I'm willing to pay for something I don't have to hide that I was wearing at the end of the night... Thanks!

I’m honestly not a big fan of Spanx. They roll down, and, as you’ve noticed, I don’t think they’re especially pretty either. Pinup/retro shapewear tends to be functional as well as beautiful. I’d try Rago, What Katie Did, Gossard, and Kiss Me Deadly for that.

I tend to wear quite a bit of Cass Luxury Shapewear, but it may be more basic than what you’re looking for. ResultWear by dMondaine (I think they may just be going by dMondaine now) does some beautiful shaping dresses; nothing lacy, but I think they’re incredibly sexy. They’re sized a bit small though (I’m a 10 and can’t wear them) so be aware of that. Triumph and Cosabella both make some nice, lacy shapewear styles.

Finally, we have a guide to shapewear on TLA here that I’d check to see some more options/brands.

Hope this helps.

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callingallthebadboys asked: thanks so much for your reply earlier! It helped a lot :D another question, would you happen to know any Canadian lingerie websites other than la senza and sokoloff?

Fortnight Lingerie is another Canadian brand, as is Ohhh Lulu.

Forever Yours and Butterfly Collection are both boutiques based in Canada.

There’s also the corsetiere Lace Embrace Atelier.

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unmitigated-disaster asked: Hi there! I just wanted to ask a bit about push up bras - I've looked through your FAQ and can't really find anything specifically targeting how to look for good push up bras/how to wear them so they don't slip down etc, which are my problems. I'm 36B, smallish boobs. Mine tends to slip down over the course of the day and it gets uncomfy on the top of my tummy. Any advice on how to really shop for them? Thanks! xxx

Hey…it sounds like the issue isn’t push-up bras but rather wearing a bra with a band that’s too large for your body. There’s nothing about push up bra styling in and of itself which would cause the bra band to slip down around your stomach area. I’d recommend reading one of my recent answers about bra fit, and seeing if another size might be a better fit for you. Once you know that, it’ll be a lot easier to find bras that stay in place, including push up bras.

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