The Lingerie Addict

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Hottest lingerie trends - An exclusive interview with Cora (the Lingerie addict) and Anna (Bras and Body image)


Although lingerie is everywhere you look in stores, it isn’t always easy to figure out. Even the most fashionable of females have questions about what pieces they should and should not be wearing, and how different items can make them look better. If you’ve got questions about what you wear under your clothes, then we…

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mousie-squeak asked: What are those thingys called that connect from your panties to your tights? Where can I buy them? I'm sorry I'm always asking you questions. Thanks for the awsome blog.

Are you talking about garters for stockings? It would help to see an image to verify that we’re thinking of the same thing. If you’re looking for just the garter straps, try What Katie Did or American Shapewear. If you’re looking for garter belts, try What Katie Did or Kiss Me Deadly. If you’re looking for garters, try Sock Dreams or Dollhouse Bettie.