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theseroadsareallconnected asked: hi, I know you get a lot of questions that you've already answered, sorry if you've heard these before ! but what is a good style or brand for breasts that are a little further apart? I'm a size 34d but that little space makes most bras uncomfortable. Thanks!

Hey! I too have widely spaced breasts (I can lay the palm of my had flat between them), and I’ve found that bras with wide center gores as well as some plunge styles (like the Natori Feathers) works well for me.

We’re only a couple of cup volumes apart (I wear a 34C), and most of my bra wardrobe is from Love Claudette. I also used to wear a lot of Betsey Johnson, though I’ve moved away from molded/padded bras recently.

If the issue is uncomfortable wires (which is also a problem for me in some styles, particularly full bust brands), you can also try a bralette. The biggest thing though will be trial and error and looking for bras that have a wide enough gore so your breasts are comfortable.

Hope this helps!

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[New Post!] Breaking the Lingerie Rules: Why I Went Braless On My Wedding Day

What do you think about wedding day lingerie rules…or lingerie rules in general for that matter? If you’ve been married or are about to get married, did you have to deal with a lot of suggestions about what you were supposed to wear to?

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[TLA Archives] Corset Talk: It’s Hip to Be Squishy

"The level of compression (reduction) possible will vary not only on the body being compressed, but also on the fit of the corset.  By understanding how you are squishy, you get a much better idea of the type of fit appropriate to your body – conical versus hourglass silhouettes and where the waist reduction can come from, etc.

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in2everything asked: Do you think sexy lingerie should be exclusive to women or do you think men can wear it too? Ps I love your blog

I think people should wear whatever they want to wear, forever and ever, amen.