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kersplank asked: Hello there lovely, super blog! :) I was wondering if you have any tips for me, as unfortunately I am gifted(?) with breasts that are far too large for my frame (they're Australian 10E). Is there any particular lingerie that can either minimise my bust and still look nice (instead of plain black or white minimiser bras), or perhaps some underwear that can give the illusion of larger hips? Thanks in advance, have a lovely day! x

Hi there, lovely! A bit of a Googling tells me that a 10E equals a 32E US. While I’m not up on minimizer bras as such, my full busted friends tell me that once they find a bra that really and truly fits, they don’t  feel like they need a minimizer anymore. And a good fitting bra is the first thing I recommend to all my readers, no matter their size.

I’d recommend checking out my article on 10 bra brands for full busted women. They’re all internationally renowned for giving amazing lift and support, and that’s a good place to start.

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  1. youngnostalgia said: ! That’s about my size, and I totally agree—found some amazing bras and have NO NEED for a minimizer!! I’ve got a Fantasie and Masquerade or two, and they’re WONDERFUL. Not to worry, honey. :-) Our big girls can be pretty too!
  2. hopelessdinosaurs said: As a 10G I HIGHLY recommend Freya’s longline bras, and Elle Macpherson who now goes up to bigger cup sizes!
  3. kersplank said: Excellent, thank you very much! It’s a pain to find nice bras, as the ones in stores are always for smaller sizes. It’s a shame, really. :( Nevertheless, I’ll check out your link, thank you!
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