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andrevvryan asked: I'm really upset with tumblr right now. You were completely right to get the word out about the Curvy Kate now, but now even with the apology and removal they're still being harassed. They owners have done all they can to fix this and still people are mobbing them. I just want to pull my hair out, no one deserves the mob of tumblr's radical feminism on their asses.

I agree that Curvy Kate handled things the best way they could after the fact. I’m glad they saw the issue and addressed it so quickly. However, I haven’t seen very much mobbing on their page, especially not compared to how many people have seen the original post. There are only two comments above the one I made earlier today thanking them for removing the post. And most of the other commentary seems limited to Curvy Kate’s apology thread where people are discussing copyright, feminism, and art…which are all great conversations to have.

  1. carolife said: Thank you, Treacle, for responding to this person rationally. Despite the apology, there are still plenty of things to discuss about WHY Curvy Kate thought this was a good idea— not just for the plagiarizing, but also for embracing the slut shaming
  2. dearly said: wtf at blaming radical feminism??? we get enough hate as is, jesus. :( (treacle, you are classy as always tho)
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