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Have You Been to This Website?

Makes me so happy when I run across recommendations to my blog. :)


The Lingerie Addict:

It’s fun! I love the design, the sheer volume of info on big gal bras and even independent designers, which I am SO for! Perhaps I shall call on one of these designers to create the ultimate bra for moi.

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subreenaday answered: Any great lingerie websites where the pricing is under $50? Evrything is so expensive.

Great question! A lot of the same websites that carry pricey stuff also carry less pricey stuff. b. Tempt’d, O Lingerie, Jezebel, No Romeo, Pour Moi?, Lepel, and ASOS’ & Figleaves in-house brands are all friendly to the under $50 budget. Hips & Curves and also carry fun, vintage-inspired lingerie if pin-up style is more your thing.

Start your shopping here: Figleaves, ASOS, Bare Necessities , Hips and Curves, Yandy Lingerie.

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ahauntingwewillgo asked: I know you're probably super busy but I need some advice like no tomorrow. I'm a curvy (to put it nice) girl and while I pretty much adore all kinds of lingerie, I have a huge issue with, for instance, underwear that isn't cotton. I haven't tried many others, and I'd like to get some silk but I don't want to spend the money and end up with underwear I have to throw out b/c I wont wear it. What should I do? (PS Love this blog and your corset link list on your site is to die for <3)

Hi lovely, thanks for writing.

There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to finding lingerie you love that fits and flatters your body, so my #1 bit of advice for ladies who are new to intimates is to 1) be willing to experiment and 2) shop from a store with a good return policy. That way you’re able to figure out what you love but (hopefully) not be stuck with things you won’t wear.

Figleaves offers several silk pieces in extended sizing if you’d like to start there. Look at the Figleaves Boudoir and Mimi Holliday for Damaris ranges in particular.

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