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rosea posey: Curvy Kate


Yes, I’ve seen the atrocity that is Curvy Kate’s ad. Yes, that was taking my art and twisting the message to the exact opposite of the orignal message. They took it down, and I’m happy. But I’m not happy because I somehow vanquished some company that was looking to steal my idea – I’m happy because the internet is looking out for me. 

I’ve somehow managed to get a lot of thoughtful, intelligent people on my side – to encourage me to be the best artist I can be and stick up for me when my work is being taken advantage of (to the extent that I found out about this whole ordeal via. Curvy Kate apologizing to me on Twitter). It does a lot to restore/spark one’s faith in the human race.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I don’t know how, but the internet gods have blessed me with you, and I’m going to try and give you the best of me.


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