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Fleur of England Heiress Guipure Boudoir Bra & Brief via Journelle

But why is this so expensive??!!! I need to learn to sew…

Incredibly high quality fabrics + ethical manufacturing and labor practices.


Lmao its like $200 because of something called manufactured demand

Ehhhh…not every brand operates on the scale and specifications of an H&M or a Target or a Wal-Mart.

Small quantities = Higher prices

Paying decent wages = Higher Prices

Hand Labor = Higher Prices

Import Taxes = Higher Prices

And so forth and so on. Yes, the whole luxury concept is part of it (more for some brands than others…which is an entirely different conversation), but the notion that anything which is expensive is “overpriced” is fallacious. A lot goes into the final cost of a garment, particularly a specialized garment like lingerie.

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