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[New] When Innerwear Goes Outerwear: Summer Lingerie to Expose

In today’s guest post, Julia Blaire Klein gives some tips on how to wear lingerie as outerwear. For example, with the Mimi Holliday lace bodysuit, she suggests that “all you need are a pair of high-waisted shorts to complete the look. Throw on shrug if your tastes tend to be more conservative – or if you’re just cold.  

Image Credits:

  • Mimi Holliday ‘Dotty L’Amoure’ lace bodysuit. Image via Damaris.
  • Carine Gilson Camisole via Net-a-Porter
  • Keyhole Cami via Hanky Panky
  • Stella McCartney’s ‘Cherie Sneezing’ chemise

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