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When Body Snark Becomes Even Uglier: The Problem with Calling People ‘Tr*nny’

About a year ago, as TLA was starting to get a lot bigger, I noticed the beginnings of a strange new pattern. People started calling me a “tr*nny” in the comments of some my photos. Even now, as I’m typing this, my brows kind of furrow into a confused expression.

It’s not that I’m offended and appalled anyone would think I’m transgender (because, obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being transgender), it’s just that I’m a bit taken aback people would attempt to use gender identity as an insult. 1) How is being transgender a bad thing? 2) Why in the world are you still using those slurs?

But as it happened more and more (never what I’d call “frequently,” but often enough to take notice) and as The Lingerie Addict established itself as an anti-bullying environment, that whole thing got me thinking about body snark. One of the most offensive aspects of body snark is that it’s used to delegitimize women (as the popular phrase like “real women have curves” makes clear). Suddenly, instead of just being a woman, full stop, there are degrees of ‘real’ womanhood to aspire to. And if you don’t make the cut, then I suppose you’re a fake woman. Which is just weird. And silly. And wrong.

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So true. As a younger woman, I went through a phase where I was losing weight (and really didn’t want to) and was flabbergasted at all the uninvited compliments I received. I never thought my body looked bad. I still don’t. But the number of people who thought I looked better simply because I lost weight was overwhelming. And discomfiting.


friend: omg you lost so much weight, how did you do it?

me: i stopped eating.

friend: hahaha.




friend: *awkward silence*

never comment someone’s weight unless you’re their doctor. 

because you never know the whole story.

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Fat people who love themselves scare the shit out of people who don’t love themselves. Even fat people who are TRYING to love themselves scare the shit out of people who can’t do the same. We force people to have to look at why they hate their bodies because we are “supposed” to hate ours and we don’t. And sometimes they have no idea what to do with that, so they act like assholes.

Let’s just make today a “why body snark is awful” day.

Tigress Osborn (via boybitch)

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nicolette mason: Everytime you say "real women have curves," I want to throw up.

Can I get an “Amen?”


Real women are tall. Real women are short. They’re wide. Gaunt. Their bones can stick out of their collarbones, or be disguised by curves or fat. There are real women with breasts and real women with flat chests. There are real women who have had to have their breasts or ovaries removed, and not…

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