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[New] Sale Lingerie of the Week: Gerbe ‘Skintone’ Stockings & Thigh Highs

So starting today, I’m going to feature one of my favorite sale picks each week. It’s something new…call it an experiment. If there’s an item you’re lusting after that isn’t on sale yet, let me know so I can keep an eye on it.

Image Credits:

Images are from Cazar. 

The hosiery is from Gerbe.

Please don’t remove the credits. 

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orillywow asked: In fact whilst I'm asking questions: stockings vs hold ups vs tights when it comes to durability/value? I know it's easiest to get cool colours with tights anyway. I'll be quiet now.

Again, it totally depends on the brand. Cheap hosiery is cheap hosiery, no matter if you’re talking about stockings or tights. Well made hosiery is well made hosiery, no matter if you’re talking about stockings or tights.

You also have to factor in why you’re buying a piece (for example, fashion vs. work), how often you plan to wear it, how you intend to take care of it, and how many times you’d need to wear it before you felt like you got your money’s worth.

And let’s not the forget the comfort question. Some people prefer one over the other, and whichever one you’re likely to wear more often is probably the best value.

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